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Proper and balanced nutrition provides the daily energy your pet needs, as well as promoting and maintaining health. Get to know our range of nutritional products, which will be a great ally in the vitality of your best friend.

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Cani-Tabs® Daily Multi

Strengthens nutrition at each stage of growth.
Cachorro Cani-Tabs® Daily Multi Puppy
Growth and development
With Taurine for proper heart development
Adulto Cani-Tabs® Daily Multi Adult
Activity and performance
High concentration of Vitamin C and other antioxidants
Senior Cani-Tabs® Daily Multi Senior
Vitality and wellness
Especially with chrome to prevent obesity
  • Mascota
    Development and proper maintenance for your pet
  • Bienestar general
    Promotes general well-being
  • Pelaje briloso y suave
    Shiny and soft fur
  • Mayor vitalidad y energía
    Greater vitality and energy
  • Balance nutricional en cada etapa
    Nutritional balance at each stage
  • Fácil administración por su delicioso sabor a hígado
    Easy administration due to its delicious liver flavor

Cani-Tabs® Hip+Joint

Supplement designed for dogs with joint problems.
Perro Vallas
  • Analgésico articular
    Joint Analgesic
    Ayuda al mantenimiento de las estructuras
    Helps to maintain structures

  • Retrasa el desgaste de las articulaciones
    Delay joint wear
    Soporte antiartrósico y antiartrítico
    Antiarthrosic and antiarthritic support

  • Reduce la incidencia de enfermedades crónicas degenerativas
                                            de las articulaciones
    Reduces the incidence of chronic degenerative joint diseases
    Efecto antiinflamatorio
    Anti-inflammatory effect
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Small Breeds
Small Breeds
Medium&Large Breeds
Medium&Large Breeds

Cani-Tabs® Omega3+DHA&EPA

Nutritional supplement that contributes to care and maintenance of general health, skin and coat. It acts as a support in the cardiac, renal and neurological systems.
Perro Medalla
  • Estimula el sistema inmunológico
    Boosts the immune system

  • Pelaje brillante
    Shiny coat

  • Refuerza el sistema neurológico
    Strengthens the neurological system
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EPA and DHA work together to promote good health at every stage.
  • Aliado en cuadros de dermatitis
    Ally in dermatitis damage
  • Estimula el sistema cardiovascular
    Stimulates the cardiovascular system
  • Disminuye el estrés
    It reduces stress
  • Evita malformaciones durante las gestaciones
    Avoid malformations during pregnancy
  • Estimula la regeneración de la piel
    Stimulates skin regeneration
  • Promueve el funcionamiento adecuado de los riñones
    Promotes proper kidney function

Cani-Tabs® Healthy Bones Ca+P

Adequate development and maintenance of bones and teeth at any stage of growth.
Perro Gato
  • Mantiene una gestación y lactación saludables
    Maintains pregnancy and lactation healthy
    Fortalece huesos y articulaciones
    Strengthens bones and joints

  • Retrasa el deterioro de los huesos y dientes
    Delays deterioration of bones and teeth
    Promueve un adecuado crecimiento
    Promotes proper growth
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Cani-Tabs® Skin+Coat

Vitamin-mineral supplement with aminoacids specially designed to care for the skin and coat.
  • Acelera el crecimiento del pelo
    Accelerates coat growth
    Mayor brillo y fortaleza de pelo y uñas
    Greater shine and strength of coat and nails

  • Controla el olor de la piel
    Control skin odor
    Piel sana y humectada
    Healthy and moisturized skin
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Cani-Tabs® Immunity & Allergies

Strengthens the immune system and controls allergic processes.
  • Soporte en procesos de vacunación
    Support in vaccination processes
    Regulador del sistema inmune
    Regulator of the immune system

  • Acción antioxidante
    Antioxidant action
    Controla y disminuye los procesos alergicos
    Controls and reduces allergy processes
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Cani-Tabs® UT Support

Take care of the health and proper functioning of the urinary system. Contains mannitol, vitamins and natural extracts.
Perro Arbol
  • Tracto urinario
    Maintains proper functioning of the urinary tract urinary
    Tracto urinario
    Specific urinary tract pain relief

  • Cálculos
    Reduces the risk of urinary infections and stones
    Vejiga y uretra
    Regulates the functioning of the bladder and urethra

  • Inflamación
    Decreases inflammation
    Terapia de soporte
    Supportive therapy
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Balance Natural
Extracto de arándano
Cranberry extract
Semillas de calabaza
Pumpkin seeds
Sweet potato
Palmito salvaje
Wild palmetto

Cani-Tabs® Brain & Neuro

Neuroprotective supplement that optimizes the functioning of the nervous system in all stages of life. Stimulates essential processes such as the synthesis and activity of neurotransmitters, myelination processes and enzyme action.
Gato Perro
  • Promueve la memória, atención y aprendizaje
    Promotes memory, attention and learning.
    Neuroprotector, antioxidante y antiinflamatorio
    Neuroprotective, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

  • Estimula la irrigación cerebral
    Stimulates cerebral irrigation.
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Cani-Tabs® Repro+

Promotes the reproductive system, gestation and lactation. Optimizes reproductive performance and improves conditions for fetal development. Contains key components such as selenium, folic acid, arginine and vitamin A.
  • Protector del estrés oxidativo en el sistema reproductor
    Protector of oxidative stress in the reproductive system
    Soporte del celo y la fertilidad, promotor de la gestación
    Heat and fertility support, pregnancy promoter.

  • Estimula el desarrollo fetal
    Stimulates fetal development.
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Cani-Tabs® Liver+

Liver supplement with silymarin extract and turmeric that stimulates proper liver function and maintenance with hepatoprotective, detoxifying, regeneratingand anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Inhibidor de la lipoperoxidación
    Inhibitor of lipoperoxidation.
    Coadyuvante en terapias hepáticas
    Adjuvant in hepatic therapies.

  • Estimula la secreción y producción de ácidos biliares
    Stimulates the secretion and production of bile acids.
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Cani-Tabs® Digestive+

Supplement with natural extracts and digestive enzymes that regulates and optimizes gastrointestinal function improving the quality of life in patients with gastric and intestinal dysfunction.
  • Optimiza la digestión de nutrientes
    Optimizes the nutrients digestion.
    Disminuye las flatulencias y el mal aliento
    Reduces flatulence and bad breath.

  • Hepatoprotector, antioxidante y antiinflamatorio
    Hepatoprotective, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
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Cani-Tabs® Cardio+

Promotes and strengthens cardiovascular function with antioxidant, antithrombotic, blood pressure regulating and diuretic properties. Ideal complement in cardiac therapies.
  • Soporte en patologías cardíacas y arterioesclerosis
    Support in cardiac pathologies and arteriosclerosis.
    Antioxidante, antitrombótico y diurético
    Antioxidant, antithrombotic and diuretic.

  • Regula la presión e irrigación cardíaca
    Regulates cardiac pressure and irrigation.
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Cani-Tabs® Calming + Relax

Natural soothing with spasmolytic and myorelaxant effect. Indicated as support in cases of abnormal behaviors and situationsof high stress or fear such as: fireworks, separation, transport, among others.
  • Reduce el estrés y promueve la relajación
    Reduces stress and promotes relaxation.
    Estimulante de la melatonina, promotor y regulador del sueño
    Melatonin stimulant, sleep promoter and regulator.

  • Aumenta los niveles de serotonina disminuyendo las conductas agresivas
    Increases serotonin levels decreasing aggressive behaviors.
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Cani-Tabs® Daily Multi Puppy Cani-Tabs® Daily Multi Adult Cani-Tabs® Daily Multi Senior Cani-Tabs® Hip+Joint Cani Tabs® Hip+Joint M&L Cani-Tabs® Omega3+DHA&EPA Cani-Tabs® Healthy Bones Ca+P Cani-Tabs® Skin+Coat Cani Tabs® UT Support Cani-Tabs® Immunity & Allergies Cani-Tabs® Brain & Neuro Cani-Tabs® Repro+ Cani-Tabs® Liver+ Cani-Tabs® Digestive+ Cani-Tabs® Cardio+ Cani-Tabs® Calming + Relax
Complemento nutricional clave
Key nutritional supplement
Altamente palatables
High palatability
Tabletas en forma de huesitos
Bone-shaped tablets
Perros saludables
Amos felices
Happy masters

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